Fee Guide

All prices are per session. Package prices are also available.

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Laser Hair Removal
Extra small area (upper lip, chin, ears, nose, eyebrows, hand, fingers, nipples) £40
Small area (underarms, bikini line, beard, female full face, shoulders) £60
Medium area  (full face inc neck, bikini line and underarms, chest, abdomen, half back, half leg) £90
Large area (chest and abdomen, full back, full leg) £120
Wart Treatment
Single £60
Multiple £110
Tattoo Removal
Price includes World leading laser equipment, professional therapist, skin prep, pre cryo skin cooling, post cooling, aftercare instructions etc
Extra Small area 1 inch £39
Small area 2×2 inches £50
Medium area 4×4 inches £80
Large area 8×8 inches £150
Extra Large 12×12 P.O.A
Laser Vein and Rosacea
Small area £80
Medium area £120
Large area £180
Skin Rejuvenation
Fungal nail
Single toe or thumb £100
Both toes or thumbs £150
Single foot or hand £200
Both feet or hands £300
Laser Peels
Depending on level and type, starting from £100
Scar Treatment
Starting from £80
Pigmented Lesions
Starting from £50
Acne Treatment
Starting from £80