Success Stories

Pigmented Lesion Treatment

At New Look we use some of the most advanced methods and laser systems in the world today which produce the very best treatment results including our pigmented lesion treatments. Some lesions can be improved in a single treatment alone where as some deeper lesions may need multiple treatments.

Tattoo Removal

Our tattoo removal treatment is amongst the very best in the world using the most powerful and versatile system available capable of removing all different colored ink. We offer different methods from Standard Laser Tattoo removal treatment, the R20 method and combined platform laser tattoo removal treatment which can speed the whole process by up to 75 % !! We also offer our guaranteed tattoo removal package which as it says guarantees the removal of your tattoo, contact us for details.

Thread Vein Treatment

We treat a number of different broken capillaries from rosacea, facial red veins to leg veins. We use the most effective laser system and some veins can be improved in a single treatment where others may need multiple treatments.